About Us
Whats in a name?

Sometimes circumstances take us down paths that are at times beyond our control or comprehension and they make a mark. 

We have loved and cared for some incredible animals over the years. Each, blessing our family with their companionship and love. There are some that really leave that mark that stays forever. They taught us lessons in trust, perseverance, and love. Some dogs though, can set us on a course beyond what we can imagine, know we need, or even feel prepared for. Who could know that one dog in particular, would set us down such a special path. That Newfoundland was GCH CH VN Bear N Mind’s Calling Down the Thunder CD, CGC, WD2, WRD5, DD1 “Huckleberry” or as he was better know as Huck. 

 Huck brought us so many places over the years. We traveled to dog shows, working events, therapy visits, and his very favorite coffee shops. Because of that, because of his one in a million personality and inviting nature we met some of the most incredible people. Huck gave us the passion for the Newfoundland breed. He inspired us to learn more and do more of everything Newf. He inspired our children to know and love the Newfoundland as a breed and that opened doors for them to find passions in others breeds, as well. Huck connected us to so many opportunities reaching all the way back to our roots in the Rocky Mountains and then to both coasts across the United States.

We lost Huckleberry December 2, 2020. I could write a book on the adventures and the impact he made on us and many. However, I will instead leave you this little known fact…

Did you know the Mountain Huckleberry can be found all the way from Alaska to Washington and Oregon, to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. In fact, I hear that one of the largest patches of wild mountain Huckleberries can be found at roughly 44° North.